"Uplyft Your Soul"


What if there were a place, where you can BE exactly who you are...

A place that allows creativity and inspiration to flow through you. Where you feel completely free to express everything that's within you as if you were talking to your best friend. The light, dark, shadows and all the in-betweens. Imagine that this place is all YOURS to absorb the tears, screams, hopes and dreams!

In this in-depth 28 day course we will create a journaling experience that corresponds to different aspects of our lives. Each week we will focus on one aspect as we get deeply serious with ourselves and learn more about our truest desires. We want to spark love, abundance, and clarity through creating a journaling ritual that suits your lifestyle and co-creates the life you want to experience.

I’ll offer you my own natural and authentic version to journaling that consists of writing in a Creativity & Passion Journal and Instagram posts. By the end of the course you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, feel more passionate and inspired to move forward with courage, and a stronger sense of self love. This may spark a continuation into more intuitive journaling practices, such as my 12 week Intuitive Journaling Course.

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What are you passionate about? What are you dreams and desires? What holds you stuck in your life? We will explore many questions like these to find our intention for journaling and co-creating our outer world. It is our INTENTION that makes journaling powerful! Our deepest desire to truly know ourselves, darkness and all, so that we may love each piece that makes us WHOLE.

This course is for...

Absolute Newbie


Have you found the idea of the blank page frightening and off putting, not knowing where to start in your journaling process. Then this is the course for you. We will build our Creativity & Passion Journals with different techniques and prompts to get you started!

The Occasional


Do you dabble here and there in journalling only to find that it gets abandoned on the desk or in a drawer? Do you tend to feel guilty for not journaling and that creates anxiety around journaling? This course will help you get back on track and can inspire you to begin the 12 week course to solidify your journaling practice to co-create your life and express your truest self to live your best life.



Are you an experienced creative writer who needs community support and inspired ideas to help your journaling experience, then this course can help you achieve that. Join us and feel the support of a like-minded online community to explore your authentic self, while sharing it with the world.


"I’ve built a stronger mental, emotional and spiritual foundation through journaling and rituals that remind me of my authentic nature of wholeness, gentleness and abundance."

My Path to Journaling

Before Facebook and Instagram, I kept a sweet journal to express myself and gather the details of my dark and gloomy days along with my days of pure excitement and elation. I began journaling in middle school with friends. We had a shared journal that we would pass around throughout the day and all of us would write to each other and just blab about what was going on in our lives.

I use journals to express the darkness that builds within, the anger, frustration and depression can take hold of my life. When the pen touches the paper, all of my emotions release and a beautiful story is written. I’ve been journaling for 16 years to express my true, authentic self by finding peace in being alone and loving myself. Going to my safe space where there aren’t any judgments, stressors or expectations to let go of debilitating grief and fear, while also allowing my creativity to spill onto the paper with ideas, art and doodles.

Shakira earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at UNC Chapel Hill. She then became a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist at Body Therapy Institute, E-RYT 200., and completed the Spirit of Learning Program at Body Therapy Institute. She lives in Winston Salem and enjoys live music in her community.

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What You'll Learn from this Course

In this in-depth 28 day course we will create a journaling experience that corresponds to different aspects of our lives. Each week we will focus on one aspect as we get deeply serious with ourselves and learn more about our truest desires. We want to spark love, abundance, and clarity through creating a journaling ritual that suits a creative lifestyle and co-creates all that we want to experience.


In-depth lessons, guidance, and daily check-ins, with weekly guided meditations that prompt a deeper look within


A beautiful composition of journaling prompts to inspire your creativity and passion


Exclusive peeks into my own journals and weekly Vinyasa Yoga sequences that will help keep you focused and inspired


An online community of like-minded thinkers in our Private Facebook Group

Week by Week

Week 1 - Preparation

We will gather images, pens, paint and other supplies that you feel will help encourage you in this journaling experience. We will begin to practice some of the journaling techniques for our Creativity and Passion Journals, while preparing for our first instagram post.

Week 2 - Mental Work

We will begin with deeper journaling prompts to explore our authentic self. Getting to know our dark shadow side, while expressing our light and finding balance. We will explore the conversations we have with ourselves and how those conversations co-create our journey.

Week 3 - Emotional Work

We will examine our relationship to body and self, exploring the conversations we have about our emotional well being. Understanding what our mental and physical body need.

Week 4 - Purpose & Spirit Work

In our last week we will explore our thoughts, rituals and beliefs that hold meaning to our personal lives. We will also create more intuitive journaling experiences that feel good for you. Here is your chance to co-create your deepest desires!


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Still have questions?

What do I need?

You will need Pens, Journal, Paint, Magazines, Internet Access, and an open mind. Find a comfortable space in your home or work office that inspires you and brings out your creative nature.

Will we be doing art journaling?

Yes and No. You have the option to choose how you want to journal. We will have days to doodle or paint. It is always an invitation to do a little art with us but not a requirement.

What is the best way to connect with others within the course?

We will have a private Facebook Group and #uplyftyoursoul on Instagram to stay connected with others in the course.

What if I don’t have a Social Media Account?

We will send daily emails to provide journaling prompts, Instagram prompts and short videos of yoga sequences. As long as you can check your email you will be with the group.

Would you be willing to start a private Instagram account to share your journey with our group?